5th May, 2021 17.00-19.15 CEST (Copenhagen); 11.00-13.15 ET (New York) check your time down here

17.00Harold Zakon (Keynote), The University of Texas
Evolutionary tuning of potassium channels: lessons from electric fish
17.30 Lucie Delemotte, KTH Stockholm
A deep-dive into the atomistic basis of the modulation of voltage-gated ion channels
18.15 Sandy Blin, MDC Berlin
Molecular identity and properties of the acid-activated chloride channel
18.45 Kara Marshall, Scripps Research
Under Pressure: the role of PIEZO ion channels in interoception

6th May, 2021 15.30-18.15 CEST (Copenhagen); 9.30-12.15 EDT(New York) check your time down here

15.30Irina Vetter, The University of Queensland
More than an oversized nettle: pain-causing neurotoxins from the Giant Australian stinging tree
16.00Wei Lü, Van Andel Institute
Structures and pH-sensing mechanism of the proton-activated chloride channel
16.30Ulrich Müller, John Hopkins University
Molecular composition of the mechanotransduction channel of cochlear hair cell
17.15 Jean-Ju Chung, Yale University
Molecular and spatial organization of the sperm calcium channel
17.45 Jian Payandeh, Genentech, Inc.
Sodium channels revisited